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Loudoun Cemeteries Story Map

This exploration of local burial grounds features information about specific cemeteries in Loudoun County, the stories of some of the individuals buried there, and descriptions of a few of the more unique tombstones and grave markers. Let this interactive map inspire you to get out and visit a few of these cemeteries in person.

Loudoun County Then and Now

In 2021 and 2022, Loudoun Museum created a series of videos exploring the history of Loudoun County through a photographic lens. These videos show change over time in several towns throughout the county by focusing on some of their most unique sites. (Photography by Sara Wolfley)






Middleburg & Aldie


Collecting COVID Memories Virtual Exhibit 

We all made adjustments and sacrifices as we learned to navigate our world amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Experiences are diverse and evolving for Loudouners. Whether you’ve been telecommuting, homeschooling, care-taking, or just finding creative ways to maintain social distancing guidelines AND your sanity, you are living through historic times. That means the products of your isolation- the Imagine karaoke videos, the scarf you learned to knit, the homeschool curriculum you created—are all historic artifacts.


Loudoun Museum wants to document and preserve your quarantine stories. These experiences—as digital documents, photographs, or physical objects—are evidence of our community’s resilience and creativity during tough times. 

This community archive strategy allows museums to stay relevant and document first person accounts of historic events as they occur. It also provides an opportunity for the public to curate their own narrative. By submitting your perspective, you help write into history what we as a community consider important. The link below takes you to the website that showcases the experiences of Loudoun residents during the Pandemic, and to another site that gives some history on past pandemics. This is an ongoing and evolving collection, so we encourage you to submit your own to document!

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