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Emerick Elementary School's "Important Virginians" Project

Emerick Elementary students sharing their final projects with one another Photo Credit: Karen Houtz

The past several months, fourth-graders at Emerick Elementary school have studied local history and worked hard to create biographical presentations for the annual "Important Virginians" project. This project-based assignment is part of a larger study of Virginia in Loudoun County's fourth grade curriculum, which explores geography, culture, government, and other aspects of history throughout different eras of Virginia's past.

In winter of 2021-2022, teachers Katie Christiansen, Jason Hester, and Karen Houtz worked with their students to discuss the important impact individual Virginians have had on history, as well as the impact that people born elsewhere have had on the Commonwealth of Virginia. The fourth-graders were assigned to choose an individual, think historically about his or her life, and create a research paper and digital or visual project on that person. Students produced and narrated their own videos, or created posters and slideshows with the details that interested them about their historic individual.

As a repository of local history, Loudoun Museum is partnering with Emerick to display the hard work and historical research of these local students. Their projects can be viewed below.

(Photos courtesy of Karen Houtz)

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