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Call for Papers — Loudoun History Symposium

Reseachers, graduate students, scholars, and professors are invited to submit papers or equivalents for presentation at the Loudoun History Symposium. The event will take place at the Loudoun Museum, 16 Loudoun Street SW, Leesburg VA on Saturday, March 25, 2023 from 10-4 PM.

The host committee will review those papers or equivalents which are submitted by noon

on February 25 and extend invitations to those selected. Papers or summaries should be sent by email to A short introduction to the possible presenter would also be appreciated.

The Loudoun Symposium is being convened to meet a need for well-sourced written work on the history of Loudoun County, Virginia. An annual event is foreseen. As the 250th anniversary of 1776 approaches, in 2

023, we are conscious of 1773. Papers and presentations on Loudoun in the generation before the Revolutionary War will be especially welcome. Also of interest would be work related to an aspect of 1823 Loudoun resident, President James Monroe. There is no barrier to work previously presented or published. Graduating college seniors or participants in their university honors programs are also welcome to submit their work for consideration.

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